David and Tiffany Dirmann

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David & Tiffany Dirmann

David and Tiffany Dirmann are the Senior Pastors of Memphis Tabernacle. As California natives, they have a love for culture and diversity and share a deep heart and zeal for the local church. Shortly after they were married, they moved to Orange County to help launch The Rock with Jerry and Kimberly Dirmann. The Rock experienced tremendous growth, seeing tens of thousands of people come to Jesus and be discipled in the word of God.

David and Tiffany have served together as lead pastors and worship leaders for many years. They have a passion for music and the arts and have written and recorded many songs. David is a gifted teacher and loves God’s word and its daily application for everyday life. They have been blessed with four wonderful children, Miles, David Jr., Jake, and Zoë and feel tremendously honored to lead and serve Memphis Tabernacle.

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